Leslie Sanazaro

Singer Songwriter Pianist

Hey all!  Just a quick update to say hello, and that I'm back from the Appalachian Trail!  Sometimes we each just need to do something totally different than we usually do, and this was INDEED that!  While it was my plan to walk the entire 2100 mile trail from Georgia to Maine, I sustained an ankle sprain about 500 miles in and got off the trail in Virginia.  The GOOD news is, I'm back home, and getting back to playing shows, starting with Thursdays at Yaqui's with Jeremy Segel-Moss!  We play every Thursday from 8:30-11:30, usually with other musical guests.  It's always a fun night of music and hanging out at Yaqui's, so come by, say hello, and I can tell you all about sleeping on the ground, bears, snakes, and climbing mountains!  Here's a great video taken a couple weeks ago by the amazing Patrick Delhougne at a Yaqui's show.  Come by and get some sounds in your ears (and some great wood-fired pizza!).  Much love and look forward to seeing you all soooooon!