Leslie Sanazaro

Singer Songwriter Pianist


Woo hoo!  We've decided to do it-- a reunion show for Genevieve!  All your old favorites, at one of your old favorites, the Venice Cafe!  Come see what we've been dusting off for the show on Friday the 13th (Friday, April 13th, that is!).  It's gonna be a TON of fun!


The new digs! Feeling PSYCHED!

The new studio!

The new studio!


Well hey hey out there! 

The holiday season is upon us!  For me that means some fun shows and events coming up, but especially this year it means... Christmas shows!  The truth is I love the winter, and I especially love December.  I hope we get feet and feet of snow (being snowed in with my love, the cats, hot coffee, good music, movies... oh man)!  So this year, in line with my love for winter weather I'll be playing some holiday shows with some amazing musicians in town.  We're gonna have a blast playing some of our faves, so stay tuned and I'll keep you updated where we'll be, and maybe some Live streaming for those of you outside of lovely St. Lou!

AND...  as some of you may know, another fun bit of news is, I have my own STUDIO SPACE!!  It's so amazing to come to a dedicated playing and writing space everyday.  It's been a couple of months now and I'm writing and playing lots of new music here.  I can't wait to share it with you.  You can see the space at my Facebook page, where I'll also be live streaming from here on the regular starting in December!  Woo hoo!  Hear all the new stuff way before release, in its rawest, most fresh version!

Also I want to start giving away more fun and free stuff to you, so take a second and sign up for the mailing list!  (I of course will never share you info or flood your inbox :)).

Cheers and love to one and all!  I'll see you online or in person soon!  Happy holidays!